Warship Voyager the voyager encounter Living Witness
The Warship Voyager was a specially developed Intrepid-class warship developed in collaboration of Panda, Liam X and Ezzy X. It was designed from schematics in Voyager's database. The vessel was designed to completely outgun and withstand Rezić and his technology.

The ship was equipped with 30 torpedo tubes, 25 phaser banks, phaser cannon launchers, a triple armored hull, auto-regenerative shielding and upgraded photon torpedoes.

It was designed to hold up to 300 soldiers, but it is operated by 9 people.

Class: Intrepid-class
Registry: NCC-74656
Owner: Kristijan Matijević, Panda
Operator: Kristijan Matijević,Panda
Status: Active (2016)


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