3. Voyagers of the Dark
Voyagers of the Dark is an Another Fanfic novel set during the events of the second series (Another Fanfic: The Transfer). It was planned in early 2016 by Matijevic2kiki. This novel follows Helpless, and is the last novel to be published back-to-back before a brief hiatus was taken. It centers around the Terror Force and the Dominion developing a new technology that would create a mirror version of anything. After pointing the weapon at the USS Voyager, its mirror version and the mirror Fighters not only wreak havoc on the original counterparts, but on the bad guys as well.


After working together for a substantial amount of time, the Terror Force and the Dominion have developed a weapon known as the mirror torpedo. It was designed to create a mirror version of anything it came in contact with. After the Freedom Fighters and the USS Voyager have returned from their stint at the anomaly, they were instantly hit. Their mirror version, however, after attacking Voyager first, turned on their creators and severely damaged the Dominion warship. The two sides enter a reluctant truce to take out the Fighter's mirror version before there could be dangerous consequences.



Kristijan Matijević Panda • Dark Kristijan • Kate • Magic • Liam X • Ezzy X • Shirley The Loon • Roxann the Panda • Santi X • Ms. Zuckkus • Kate the Panda • Eva • Mirror Kristijan • Mirror Panda • Mirror Kate

Referenced only

Sally Acorn • Nicole the Holo-Lynx


USS Voyager • Delta Flyer • Dominion warship • USS Voyager (mirror)


Kristijan's Freedom Fighters • Terror Force • The Dominion

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