Vinko Rezić is a 14-year old boy who lives in Zagreb. He is the arch enemy of Kristijan Matijević and Panda, and was responsible for stranding Voyager in an altered Pocketville (see Pocket Struggles). During this series, his Voyager replica doesn't appear and he has a new ship. He was implied to possibly have a crush on Bunnie D'Coolette.

Personality and abilities

Rezić has mocked Kristijan since first grade and the two have been rivals ever since. He also grew to hate Panda, Kristijan's pet and best friend who often defended Kristijan from his remarks. Rezić is cruel, uncaring and unsympathetic.

He was shown to be exceptionally fast, but was weaker than Kristijan, Bunnie and Panda. However, he was skilled with a hand phaser. He was also shown to be intelligent and cunning, designing microtorpedoes that can pierce through Voyager's shields and cause serious damage to the ship.

As common with all villains, he is self-centered and self-absorbed. He is a skilled volleyball and dodgeball player. He was observed to have a deeper voice than Kristijan, and he was taller than Antoine and Kristijan (the two were approximately the same height).


Kristijan Matijević

Kristijan and Vinko were rivals since 1st grade, and Rezić continously mocked and humiliated him for seven years. He was not aware of Voyager, but when his alternate counterpart revealed the secret, he built his own replica and trapped Voyager in an altered Pocketville, which was created when Rezić and BubbleGuppies convinced the kingdom that Kristijan and Panda were villains. He was later killed when his ship was destroyed. After Kristijan and Panda finally left Pocketville, the kingdom was reset and returned back to normal.

Unfortunately, Rezić retained residual memories and built a new ship, destructive microtorpedoes and attacked Voyager, forcing everyone except Kristijan to abandon the crippled ship. Kristijan managed to develop defenses against him and he gave up on his plans. After that he didn't appear in the Forbidden/D'Coolette arc.


Rezić grew resentful of Panda, who was constantly defending Kristijan. Panda became just as much of an arch enemy to Rezić as Kristijan had. Rezić occasionally mocked Panda about his plumpness and on one occasion, captured him and tortured him until Kristijan rescued him.

He was especially maddened at Panda when he found out that it was Panda who built the Warship Voyager, costing him the last battle he appeared in before the Forbidden arc.


Bunnie D'Coolette

Rezić was seen possibly having a crush on Bunnie D'Coolette. In one particular battle just before the beginning of the Forbidden arc, he wanted to kidnap Bunnie, but was thwarted by Antoine and Panda.

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