This is the Users page,where you can see all of the users of the wiki.You will see some that are active,semi-active or inactive.

Meaning of colors

  • All active users (green)
  • All semi-active users (orange)
  • All inactive users (red)


They are wise.Listen them or face a ban:

1. Founder and First-In-Command Admin:Matijevic2kiki (Active)

2. Minor Co-Founder and Second-In-Command Admin:Matijevic2lea (Semi Active)

3. Bureaucrat and Chat Moderator, Third-In-Command:Hyena117 (Active)

Other users

These are the other users:

1. Hp101 (Inactive)

2. King Shoot (Inactive)

3. Space jam scourge (Inactive)

Chat moderators

1. Matijevic2kiki

2. Matijevic2lea

3. Hyena117

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