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The USS Voyager

The USS Voyager (NCC-74656) was an Intrepid-class starship under the command of Kristijan Matijević, and occasionally, Panda. The ship was trapped in Pocketville after damage to its deflector technology made it unable to go back to Zagreb. The ship was unable to open a rift and was trapped in an alternate timeline where Pocketville had turned against Kristijan and Panda. A year later, Voyager returns to Zagreb and the timeline was finally erased.


A version of Rezić from the Another Fanfic universe and BubbleGuppies749 from the Kristijan's OCs universe reveal Voyager to this timeline's Rezić and soon he gets his own Voyager replica. After the Another Fanfic counterpart returns back to his universe, BubbleGuppies and the KMMA Reščić convince the entire Pocket Kingdom that Kristijan and Panda are villains. The Voyager replica and BubbleGuppies Fighter are destroyed and Bubble is returned back to her timeline, and Rezić was returned to a state where he doesn't know anything about the ship.

Voyager spends the next year trying to return to Zagreb. Its deflector can't reopen a rift back to Zagreb and its deuterium is running out. Over the next few days, the ship takes damage because of constant battles against the Pocketville Military. The ship was forced to run in gray mode twice.

Voyager was captured twice by the Pocketville Military, both times taking place in July. During the second capture, Kristijan and Panda were thrown in jail. Kristijan was incapacitated once, so Panda was left with the daunting task of commanding Voyager. The ship was once aided by the Constitution-class USS Enterprise.

Ship's directory

  • Bridge, ready room and briefing room: Deck 1
  • Mess hall: Deck 2
  • Kristijan Matijević's quarters: Deck 3
  • Transporter rooms: Deck 4
  • Energy grid, location of bio-neural gel pack, section 9 C: Deck 4
  • Sickbay: Deck 5
  • Holodeck 2: Deck 6
  • Panda's quarters: Deck 6
  • Astrometrics: Deck 8
  • Science lab: Deck 8
  • Deflector control: Deck 10
  • Torpedo control and fore torpedo launchers: Deck 10
  • Shuttlebay: Deck 10
  • Airponics bay: Deck 11
  • Main engineering: Deck 11


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