The Fantastic Voyager
The Fantastic Voyager is a transformation and super form of Kristijan Matijević, which made its first appearance in the earliest episodes of Another Fanfic. It also briefly appeared in Another Fanfic: The Transfer, when Kristijan was forced to transform and quickly repair the USS Voyager using his powers so the Freedom Fighters could win a tough battle.

The Fantastic Voyager is capable of all possible powers humans can imagine, and he can transform into an evolved form of the Fantastic Voyager using the Red Star Ring. This form is known as Red Star Voyager.

Kristijan has quickly stopped using his super form when he only used his powers instead of just transforming. He eventually relied on more technological weapons and using his fists, and also his DNA was reverted back to normal, so he can use his powers only if he transforms into the Fantastic Voyager.


He has unbelieveable strength and he can run at warp speed. He possesses all knowledge and can do just about anything. He can generate a superlarge ball of energy called the Justice Bomb. The Justice Bomb has the ability to devastate an entire planet.

He can even violate and bend the laws of physics. He can create identical clones just by raising a hand at a person. He has sharp senses and he can even someone on the other side of planet Earth. He is also immortal. Other powers include the Ray of Federation (neon discharges in the shape of Starfleet emblems), the Discs of Energy (energy discharges), the Fire Bomb (fireballs twice stronger than normal), shapeshifting, teleporting, surviving in space etc.


  • Curiously, his first and only appearance in Another Fanfic was the same as his counterpart's appearance in the older serie The Fantastic Voyager.

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