Not to be confused with the Dominion from Star Trek.

Mrndrz dominion flag

The fighting force flag

The Dominion was a ruthless fighting force introduced in Another Fanfic. They originate from a school near the events of the first series and are allies of the Terror Force. It was revealed that the Dominion's school had over 450 students and that nearly two quarters, around 202 studetns, were a part of the Dominion.

They had their own flagship, and it was the only ship they would possess until Another Fanfic: The Transfer, where the former Terror Force's Voyager replica would be used by the Dominion.

The former members of the Terror Force joined the Dominion after the Terror Force's collapse and would lead them later on.


  • The Dominion's flag consisted of a purple-blue gradient, their name spelled in white on the top, and spelled backwards on the bottom in black. It also featured a negative image of Voyager, which possibly might symbolize their affilation against the the Freedom Fighters.

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