1. The Dark Side
The Dark Side is an Another Fanfic novel set during the events of the second series (Another Fanfic: The Transfer). It was planned in early 2016 by Matijevic2kiki. The novel centers around the former Terror Force members, who are now leading their allies, the Dominion, in an attempt to capture the Freedom Fighters' starship, the USS Voyager. They succeed, and now its up to the Fighters to retake the ship.


The USS Voyager is captured by the former Terror Force members and their allies, the Dominion. Some of the Fighters save themselves in the nick of time by abandoning ship, but some are trapped by the Dominion and thrown in the brig. The remaining Fighters strife to retake Voyager and rescue their comrades as the combined force of 207 students will make things extremely difficult!



Kristijan Matijević Panda • Dark Kristijan • Kate • Magic • Liam X • Ezzy X • Shirley The Loon • Roxann the Panda • Santi X • Ms. Zuckkus • Kate the Panda • Eva

Referenced only

Sally Acorn • Nicole the Holo-Lynx • Atomic Betty • Penny Fitzgerald

Starships and vehicles

USS Voyager • Dominion warship

Referenced only

Delta Flyer


Kristijan's Freedom Fighters • The Dominion

Referenced only

Terror Force

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