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Sunset Shimmer is a teenage human who lives in two worlds. One world is the human version of Equestria and the other is Earth. She both attends CHS and Kristijan's school and is a member of Kristijan's Freedom FightersKristijan has shown romantic interest for her, at times more often than for Twilight. Sunset also has been shown to have a relative crush on him as well. However, Flash got even more mad when he found out that he had possibly scored Sunset along with Twilight.


Sunset had never revealed her previous dark side to Kristijan and other fighters except Twilight, who had encountered her before. Despite her dark past, Sunset is now friendly, confident, charming and willing; although she had a little struggle with her lack of confidence before.

She's best friends with Twilight, Panda and Kate, and she also has her circle of friendship with Liam, Sally, Ezzy, Skippy and Shirley. However, she and Roxann are a little locked in a rivalry because Roxann thinks that Sunset and Panda love each other. Wrong: Sunset has a crush on Kristijan. When Flash had found out that Sunset is under Kristijan's wing, he took the dark path and sided with Dark Kristijan and his Terror Force.


  • Music
  • Friendship
  • Her friends
  • Kristijan, relative crush
  • Literature
  • Sports


  • Roxann
  • Flash when he locks horns with Kristijan
  • The Terror Force
  • Her old self
  • Her occasional lack of confidence
  • Being rejected


Her previous "boyfriend" was Flash Sentry. Flash had liked her, but she broke up with him, revealing to Twilight she was using him to rise her popularity. Flash still today expresses his interest towards her and Twilight.

Her current relative crush and possible future boyfriend is Kristijan Matijević. They aren't currently an official couple, but they might possibly be soon. One fatal flaw is that Flash got furious when he found out that Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer (both) are under Kristijan's wing. He and Sunset contrasted, and he took the path to the dark side and joined Dark Kristijan's Terror Force, doing anything possible to crush Kristijan and bring Sunset and Twilight back.

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