Sunrise city with amethyst city
Sunrise City (population: 955,000) is the the fourth largest city and is the smallest city of Urbania. It looks extremely similar to the western part of Bay City. Unlike its neighbour, Grande City (which is right across), it is a small tourist centre. The mayor of the city is Paul Burden.

Sunrise City is perhaps the best known for being the only settlement in Urbania without any advertising. It made its first appearance at the end of season 1, where Kristijan, Panda and Judy, appear to possess general knowledge of the city.


Sunrise City was built on a bay which closely resembled the bay Bay City was situated on. It was founded in 1987, where it immediately accumulated a population of 200,500. At the time, Sunrise City was the third largest settlement, accounting for the much smaller Coastline Town and Desert Oil Processing and numerous smaller cities and other smaller settlements.

During the 2000s, the city's population rose very slowly. By 2005, Coastline Town overtook Sunrise City in population count, with the former having a population of 380,500, and the latter having a population of 290,650. It took a few years, but Sunrise City finally overtook Coastline Town by 2009, having a population of over 742,550. By 2014, the city reached is final population count of 955,000.

Sunrise City and Grande City's layout is extremely similar to Bay City. Sunrise City looks extremely similar to the western part of Bay City, which was also infamous for having no advertising. There were several complaints from numerous citizens of Sunrise City for the construction of Grande City. While the two cities are locked in a rivalry, efforts are being made to better the relations between the two cities.

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