Sally Acorn is a 12-year old nice squirrel/chipmunk hybrid.She is Kristijan's love interest.She is the princess of the Kingdom of Acorn,which she showed Kristijan to once.She moved in to the school until she completes college,and after college she is going back to the kingdom,what Kristijan doesn't know yet.She's noted for her blue vest and boots,her blue eyes and dark auburn hair.Kristijan thinks she's very beautiful.



  2. Dislikes
  3. Romance
  4. Relationships
    1. Kristijan Matijević
    2. Panda
    3. Kate


Sally is brave,nice and generous,but she doesn't stand up to Reščić usually.Most of the times when Reščić steals her,Kristijan saves her from his grasp.Sally is great friends with Panda,Liam,Kate,Ezzy and Magic.Unlike her friends and love interest,Sally wasn't held back a grade by Ms.Zuckkus,but she was tormented by the bullies at school.Sally can handle bullies most of the time on her own,but when it's very difficult,Kristijan helps her.


  • Kristijan
  • Kingdom of Acorn
  • Her friends
  • Other kids at school


  • Reščić
  • Bullies
  • Trouble
  • Being humiliated


Kristijan fell in love with Sally when she moved in,and it wasn't long when she returned the same feeling.Sally is the reason Kristijan stayed a close friend to Kate.Sally thinks Kristijan is cute and caring.She thinks of Kristijan like her honorable knight.


Kristijan MatijevićEdit

Kristijan and Sally are in love with each other and Kristijan saves Sally when needed.Sally likes that.She thinks of Kristijan as a honorable knight and a true hero.When he sang his song,Sally said that it was fabulous.She once showed him the Kingdom of Acorn,to which he said that it was a great place.When Kristijan showed her Zagreb,she said the same thing.He gave her a wonderful gift on Valentine's Day,she was very happy.


Sally doesn't know that Panda has a crush on her,but they are close friends.Sally also likes Panda's bravery and helps him.Panda thinks about Sally having two love interests,to that it will be Kristijan and him.Nobody knows about Panda's idea and he will keep it a secret.


Sally and Kate are great friends.They share all of their secrets in common.Kate revealed her the secret of Pocketville and Sally revealed her the secret of the Kingdom of Acorn.On some nights,they would have a sleepover at Kate's place.




'This isn't something to celebrate.',when something is wrong

'Let's go!'

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