Vinko Rezić was a 14-year old boy and arch enemy of Kristijan Matijević and Panda. He was not initially aware of Voyager until his alternate counterpart from the Another Fanfic timeline and BubbleGuppies749 revealed the ship to him. He eventually builds a replica of Voyager. After his counterpart heads back for his timeline, he and BubbleGuppies749 convince Pocketville that Kristijan and Panda were villains.

He was killed when the Voyager replica was destroyed by the original Voyager and the timeline was reset, at least for him (he doesn't know about Voyager anymore). He was observed to be have a deeper voice than Kristijan and is slightly taller than him.


He was based off one of the students who used to bully Matijevic2kiki (mock him, provoke him etc.) The image was darkened and name slightly altered to not show any real life resemblances to the person he was based off.

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