Red Star Voyager
Red Star Voyager is a transformation and super form of Kristijan Matijević, which made its first appearance in Another Fanfic: The Transfer. It is an evolved version of the Fantastic Voyager, achieved by placing a Red Star Ring on the Starfleet emblem on his left legsleeve. Unlike Overclocked Nicole, it is not risky for Kristijan to stay in this state for a long time.

He becomes extremely aggressive, even with his allies, when in this form. He can devolve back to the Fantastic Voyager at will, and when he does, the Red Star Ring re-manifests itself.


It has been shown that all possible powers are retained in this form, but some are greatly enhanced, like strength, the Ray of Federation, the Discs of Energy etc.

Normally, by itself, the Red Star Ring increases Kristijan's height by 8 centimeters, something which never occurs when Kristijan transforms into the Fantastic Voyager. When this form devolves into the Fantastic Voyager, Kristijan's natural height returns.

It was also shown that this form, unlike Overclocked Nicole, can remain for as long as Kristijan wants it to be and can only be deactivated at Kristijan's will.

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