M class planet by danielmathews-d59j37d
Ratnia is a class M planet which was uninhabited by any humanoid species. The planet was located within the territory of the United Federation of Planets. The only inhabitants of the planet were genetically engineered mice and rats that were experimented upon on Earth in the 21st century. The approximate population was 2,000. The planet had mostly forest and plain areas, and a small part of its land included a desert, which was never reached by any mouse or rat. All coasts of the planet have a tropical environment.

The planet was first visited by any other species in 2389, when the Federation Intrepid-class starship USS Voyager landed on the planet for refueling. The starship took off after five days.


  • The Great Desert
  • Tropical Outbacks
  • Rosebush City
  • Thorn Valley
  • The Great Forest


The genetically engineered rodents that escaped from NIMH in the 21st century hid for more than a century. In 2156, the rodents stole an United Earth NX-class starship from drydock. They escaped the heavy fire and crashlanded on the planet that would become known as Ratnia. The NX wreck is still prominent today.

The rodents built their own cities, and by the time Voyager landed on the planet, they were at a medieval stage of evolution. When Voyager landed, their hatred and fear of humans resurfaced, until the ship's crew told them everything that had happened since they left Earth. Finally, the rodents feelings and opinions about humanity have changed.

Before Voyager arrived, Jonathan Brisby, the biggest hero of Ratnia, died in an unknown to the Brisbys and Voyager, but gruesome accident.

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