Pocketville was the main location of the Pocket Struggles series. It is a magical kingdom where pets are sent to lonely and unhappy children around the world. The true location of Pocketville was unknown, and time moved differently in comparison to the Earth.

The ruler of the kingdom was Princess Ava and later with her, King Skippy. The starship USS Voyager would remain trapped here for a year.


Pocketville existed on a different dimensional plane than the universe, and the Friendship jewels were the only way of travel to and from the kingdom, until the Kristijan and Panda figured out a way to modify the USS Voyager's main deflector to create a dimensional rift that would allow travel to and from Pocketville.

The kingdom was big and had lots of majestic areas. The main defense of the kingdom were the Royal Guards, protectors of the Pocketville Palace and the surrounding village, and the Pocketville Military, the military service which protected the entire kingdom.

The core of the kingdom were the Pocketville Place and the Magic Fountain, which were surrounded by a small village. The Pocketville Palace was the residence of the rulers and Royal Guards, and the Magic Fountain was used for performing Friendship Ceremonies.

The palace contained several important rooms, like the throne room, where the thrones of the princess, king and royal guards were located. There was the royal room (formerly the princess's room) where the king and princess slept. Inside the room were also bookshelves, one of which contains the Pocketpedia, which helps the princess choose which pet goes for which child.

Underground, there were a few cells for holding prisoners. They were small and cramped and the walls were carved into natural stone. The metal bars proved to hold resistance, but if a person or more had enough strength, they could bend the bars and escape.


  • Pocketville Palace and Magic Fountain
  • Pocket Village (village surrounding core area)
  • Evergray Swamp
  • Land of Eternal Snow
  • Pony Pasture
  • Puppy-K
  • Bottomless Cave
  • Pet Resort

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