Pandius Federation emblem
The Pandius Federation is a peaceful organization developed by pandas from planet Earth. It is a major power in the Alpha Quadrant. The pandas have colonized their new home planet, Pandius. It is currently spanning 1200 light years in all directions. Thousands of worlds are a part of its territory. Its territory is connected with the territories of the United Federation of Planets, their allies, and the Haski Starfleet, their biggest enemies.

The flagship of the fleet is the USS Pandius, commanded by Pandius Starfleet Command admiral Panda. The Pandius Federation does not use currency and has been known to rarely clash with the infamous Borg Collective.

Today, the Pandius Federation and the Haski Starfleet are involved in the Pandius-Haski War.

Major locations

  • Pandius (homeworld and capital world)
  • The Forbidden Zone (extremely ruthless and unforgiving large nebula to starships)
  • Bamboo
  • Sol Alpha (the star of the system Pandius is located in)
  • Tibet
  • Glacia
  • Maknab Expanse
  • Vidia Prime
  • The Starry Void (empty space between nebulas, star systems etc.)


The Pandius Starfleet was the deep-space exploratory and defensive service maintained by the Pandius Federation. It took less than two decades to grasp knowledge of other cultures, advance in technology etc. The only class and the pride of the Pandius Starfleet was the Panda-class battleship. There are over 750,000 vessels currently out there.

The Pandius Starfllet had designed advanced weaponry and shielding, and their technological knowledge allowed them to make the massive Panda-class capable of warp 9. They were also very adept at constructing these behemoths quickly, the shortest cases being in less than a month.

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