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Overclocked Voyager is an Intrepid-class starship and a transformation of the USS Voyager. It appears in Another Fanfic: The Transfer. This is achieved by Overclocked Nicole, or more directly her handheld, interfacing with Voyager's systems. This can also be classified as a transformation via the Red Star Ring.

Overclocked Voyager greatly surpasses known variations of the vessel, such as the Warship Voyager from The New Adventures of Kristijan and Panda and even the Nicole-class, the Intrepid-class variant from Another Fanfic: The Transfer.

Overclocked Voyager is perhaps the second strongest transformation of the USS Voyager up to date, only outgunned and outclassed by the Armored Voyager (Voyager with its ablative armor deployed).

When transformed, Voyager's hull markings change significantly; the RCS thrusters, shuttlebay door, both deflectors, warp nacelles and impulse engines take on pink, purple and red colors. The main computer, sensors, maneuverability, weapon and shield strength and targetting scanners are greatly enhanced.

The ship's top warp speed is subspace comm speed, or warp 9.999, which Overclocked Voyager can achieve with relative ease, while Voyager on its own can achieve it, but with significant and multiple structural integrity problems.

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