Overclocked Nicole

Overclocked Nicole as she appears in Archie comics and Another Fanfic: The Transfer

Overclocked Nicole is a transformation and super form of Nicole the Holo-Lynx. Her form is triggered when a Red Star Ring is hooked up to her handheld. This form has only appeared once in Another Fanifc: The Transfer.


While in this form, Nicole possesses the same abilities as her usual form, but greatly enhanced. Also, if her handheld is interfaced with Voyager's systems, the ship transforms into Overclocked Voyager.

It is risky for Overclocked Nicole to exist for a prolonged period of time. If the form is used for too long, the Red Star Ring will burn out and Nicole's normal abilities will be hampered until repaired, unless she is transferred into another computer system.

She is also capable of defeating the most malevolent viruses which she cannot defeat in her normal form.

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