NICOLE the Holo-Lynx 3D
Nicole the Holo-Lynx is a holographical Mobian lynx that was created as an artificial intelligence from Sally's portable computer NICOLE. A few days after Sally had joined the Freedom Fighters, Nicole was invited to join and she agreed. It expanded the force at a big rate and Nicole had become a great helper to her fellow members. Dark Kristijan used to hate Nicole because she become a major roadblock in the way of him crushing the Freedom Fighters because she has tactical and hacking skills. There might be signs that Dark Kristijan is crushing on her. She is one of Kristijan's two current girlfriends, the other being Kate.


Nicole is kind, generous and thoughtful and a great tactical expert and helper, much to the chagrin of Dark Kristijan who used to hate her because of that. When she became a member, Dark Kristijan had teased and provoked her, but that was short-lived thanks to Kristijan and Sally. Dark Kristijan tries to find a way to grab her away from Sally successfully and reprogram her to work for his force, but it never works.

Nicole has never experienced emotions before, but Kristijan accidentally installed a program that filled her with emotions spanning from a hearty-belly laugh to a good cry. Since that moment, Nicole began experiencing several emotions, the strongest being her crush on Kristijan. He crushed on her as well, and Kate and Nicole became the only two current girlfriends, the others left off easy.


  • Her friends
  • Sally
  • Kristijan
  • Good


  • Dark Kristijan and his fighters
  • Evil


After Kristijan had accidentally installed a program that filled her with emotions, she started crushing on him, but Kristijan sometimes returns that feeling. They had a big kiss, but it wasn't as big as his and Sally's gigantic kiss. Only Kristijan and Nicole know for her crush on him.

It wasn't a long time before Kristijan started having feelings for Nicole and near the end of sixth grade, they became a couple.

Kristijan matijevic 2

Kristijan Matijević, Nicole's romantic interest and boyfriend

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