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The Nicole-class starship was a starship design used by Kristijan's Freedom Fighters. This vessel was a variant of the Intrepid-class. The project was accomplished by Kristijan Matijević, Panda, Nicole the Holo-Lynx, Sally Acorn, Rotor the Walrus and Tails. This was the first collaborative project between current and former members of Kristijan's Freedom Fighters, and was also the first collaborative project between Kristijan's and Knothole Freedom Fighters.

The vessel was designed primarily for reconnaisance and long-range scientific missions. It was equipped with its very own Nicole Flyer.

General overview

The Nicole-class was a more scientifically and reconnaisance oriented variant of the Intrepid-class. While their baseline design is the same, the variant incorporates enhanced long range sensors and more science and research labs. It is also equipped with an astrometrics lab, like its original counterpart.

The computer's LCARS interface was updated with Nicole's AI interface, just like the Nicole Flyer, but the look of the buttons and the sounds of LCARS stayed the same. The computer was enhanced with a few more billion calculations per nanosecond and the bio-neural circuitry operated more efficiently.

The vessel's hull wasn't enhanced, neither were the weapons systems. However, the type X phasers and the type 6 photon torpedoes of the Intrepid-class were the only weapons of the variant, and they were modified to emit purple coloring. The vessel's shielding was enhanced just enough to quickly escape from an unbeatable enemy; the manuevering was slightly enhanced.

The class is also equipped with a cloaking device. Nicole was painted on large sections on the hull, while the rest of the hull was white. Kristijan said that they might rethink the hull later. The vessel also has enhanced subsystem targeting, it takes twice as quickly to disable a subysystem as it would normally be for an Intrepid-class vessel. Subystems can also be targeted more efficiently.

Ships commissioned


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