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  • Kristijan Matijević is a 12-year old young boy who's constantly bullied. He's too afraid to stand up for himself, so his new friends, Magic, KateLiam X and Ezzy X help him out. Liam suggests taking on Shirley as his pet, and when the bullies strike again next day, Shirley protects him with her powers. From then on, Kristijan thrives, even going so far as to fight for Pocketville alongside his friends, and he owes it all to Shirley. Later on, he writes a song called 'Party Tonight.' His friends like it a lot. [1][ Party Tonight-Kristijan Matijević-0(02:07) 6 views]"Party Tonight" - Written and performed by KristijanAdded by Matijevic2kiki


    [hide]#"Party Tonight" Lyrics

    1. Personality
    3. Dislikes
    4. Romance
    5. Relationships
      1. Panda
      2. Sally Acorn
      3. Shirley the Loon
      4. Liam X
      5. Ezzy X
      6. Vito Reščić

    "Party Tonight" LyricsEdit

    Your eyes are staring into my eyes.

    Who am I but a guy with two eyes on the


    And the prize in my eyes is ten times

    The surprise in your eyes as I kiss you


    Your smile is the fire that rocks my soul!

    Gonna remember it until I grow old!

    'Cause life is too short, we gotta do things right, so, baby, let's just party toni-ight!

    Baby, let's just party toni-ight!


    We've come out on top,

    We're in front of the line,

    We're here to rock out and

    Have a good time!

    'Cause the past is the past and

    The future is bright, so, baby, let's just party toni-ight!

    Baby, let's just party toni-ight!


    Kristijan is very brave.He had a fear of bullies in the past,but he conquered that fear thanks to Shirley.All of the kids in the school admire him.Only the bullies laugh at him when he does something wrong.When the bullies try to get Kristijan,he tells them to back off.He can sense danger anywhere and will inform his friends and tell them to get ready when that happens.

    Kristijan is also pure of heart and won't let down his friends at need.Kristijan had a huge crush on Kate,but he was too shy to admit it,but he didn't take actions like Kevin did.He can get stuck in a love rivalry with Vito Reščić,who would show his affection by stealing her.It all changed when a squirrel/chipmunk hybrid Sally Acorn moved in.From then on,he stays a close friend to Kate.

    Kristijan has moved to Kate's school but resides near Croatia.However,he knows his way around the neighbourhood.It's hinted that he can somehow run at warp speeds.He is also very strong.He can also somehow go to Pocketville,which is one of his greatest secrets.


    • His bravery
    • Kate
    • His friends
    • His trademark song,' 'Party Tonight' '
    • His pets
    • His family
    • Sally


    • Reščić
    • Bullies
    • Trouble
    • Werewolves


    While he was still in Croatia,Kristijan had feelings for a girl named Maša.He once wrote a poem saying her eyes are brown as an almond,her lips are red like a rose and that her hands are soft and gentle.But one day,Maša moved out,leaving him heartbroken.

    It wasn't long enough when he moved in near Croatia,and started to go to Kate's school in the Big City.He started to have a big crush on Kate,but he was too shy to admit it.Once,Kate almost found out that he has a crush on her.It all changed when Sally Acorn moved in.It wasn't long when Kristijan had an even bigger crush on her and Sally returned the same feeling.They became love interests made for each other.Because of that,Kristijan stays a close friend to Kate.



    Panda is Kristijan's first pet and loyal companion.He would never let down his owner no matter what happens.Kristijan got Panda when he was the age of 5.Panda is very brave,like Kristijan.Kristijan said that Panda is the best pet you can ever have.And it was true.Panda also has some sort of a slight crush on Sally,but he's not open,just like Kristijan was with Kate.

    Sally AcornEdit

    Sally is Kristijan's true love interest and friend.After she moved in,she and Kristijan liked each other very much,to [3]Added by Matijevic2kikiwhich Kristijan became open.Sally appreciates Kristijan very much and likes his bravery and heroic actions in her time of need.Kristijan gave her a great gift on Valentine's Day,which made her so happy.Once,she took him to her home in the Kingdom of Acorn and Kristijan remarked that it was a great place.Then,Kristijan took her to Zagreb,and she remarked the same thing.But when she moved in,Reščić forgot about Kate aslo and started showing his affection for Sally.But Kristijan is here for her.

    Shirley the LoonEdit

    Shirley the Loon is Kristijan's second pet and very helpful companion also.When Kristijan had the fear of bullies,Liam suggested her.After the Friendship Ceremony,she was badly injured and turned human due to a chemical spiil.Soon,Kristijan created some kind of potion that accidentally brought her back to normal.Her hair and feathers had grown back after a few weeks.From then,she helped him conquer his fear of bullies and Kristijan is very thankful to her.

    Liam XEdit

    Kristijan and Liam X are best friends.When there's trouble and their friends are in danger,they team up to save them from the danger,especially when Reščić's on the scene.When the duo is here with the combine of their strength and speed,the enemies take a pretty hard blow on themselves.

    Ezzy XEdit

    Ezzy is somewhat of a normal friend to Kristijan.There's nothing such special,but they're great friends.Although being Liam's cousin,Ezzy is also acting like he's a best friend to Kristijan.

    Vito ReščićEdit

    Vito Reščić is Kristijan's arch enemy and a stuck-up kid who steals Sally upon his hand when in a love rivalry with Kristijan.Reščić's antics always damage the entire school,which the school kids are getting sick of.But sometimes,the school kids run from him because he's really dangerous.Kristijan is there to help his friends when Reščić turns the tables.Reščić thinks that he is the best and is more smarter,cooler and better than Kristijan,but that gig never gets anyone,especially Kristijan.


    'Holy Haulie Aqua!'

    'What the H?'

    'I smell danger.'

    'I came here to end you,Reščić,and if you think you can stop me,well you can't!'

    'So.Looks like wrestling day came here.'

    'Sorry,i'd like to stay in chat but i'm on a tight schedule.'

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