Kristijan matijevic
The appearance of Kristijan's alternate counterpart is the same in both alternate timelines.

Kristijan Matijević is the alternate counterpart of Kristijan Matijević. He appears in both alternate timelines. He is 14 years old, just like his prime counterpart, but he has the appearance of his 10-year old self. In both alternate timelines, he fails to win Bunnie's heart.

The "Heartbreak timeline"

Kristijan was crushing on Bunnie, but however, Antoine Depardieu was, too. Unlike his prime counterpart, he didn't take any reckless actions. Both tried to gain courage to confess their love for Bunnie. Unfortunately, Antoine beat Kristijan to it. After Antoine and Bunnie became a couple and shared their first kiss, right in front of Kristijan's eyes during a school break, Kristijan got frustrated and wasn't able to talk straight.

His furious behaviour over the loss of Bunnie to Antoine scared the couple greatly. After taking a good look at Bunnie's scared eyes, Kristijan immediately became sad, embarrassed and heartbroken. A week later, he signed out of the school and enrolled in another school. There, he again became friends with his former love interest, Maša Maletić. Panda stayed in the old school.

Kristijan and Maša would constantly talk about everything that happened to them. And when Kristijan told the story of how he failed to win Bunnie's heart, Maša comforted him. Still, there was no romantic interest betwwen them anymore, just friendship.

As the beautiful sunset spanned Zagreb's skyline, Kristijan headed to a tram to take him home. Bunnie, who barely made it to Kristijan's new school, tried to stop him and talk with him. He constantly avoided her. Bunnie, trying to talk to him, kept saying that Antoine found someone else and that she's single again. Kristijan finally snapped and yelled at her to leave him alone. Bunnie, breaking down in tears, watched as the tram left towards his home. Days later, news would leak to Kristijan that Bunnie and Antoine had rekindled their relationship. Kristijan would continue being miserable, always thinking of her.

21 years later Bunnie would marry Antoine, leading to Kristijan having a nervous breakdown and trying to erase his memory of Bunnie from his life. He would move to Sao Paulo five years later.

The "Sovereign timeline"

In this timeline, Kristijan also followed Bunnie. She continued chasing him until she eventually learned of his ship, the Intrepid-class starship USS Voyager. One night, she boarded Voyager and downloaded the schematics for the Sovereign-class starship, a class Kristijan despised. Weeks later, Bunnie would take her new vessel, the USS Davis, to engage Voyager. In the resulting battle, Panda was knocked unconscious and Kristijan was heavily injured. Voyager sustained heavy damage. He barely managed to return the favor, sending the Davis away nearly damaged beyond repair.

Bunnie would continue to hate Kristijan, and he would continue mooning unsuccessfully over her.

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