Kate 2


Kate is a human girl who has had a past adventure in Pocketville.She has a companion and pet,Magic.She is an active observer of the Matijević-Dark Matijević rivalry.She is very sensitive when it comes to bully issues,but mostly Dark Kristijan issues.Kate always tries to help in these certain situations.


Kate is caring and kind and always believes in good.She hates Dark Kristijan because he steals her and picks on her.Kristijan variously helps her.She was destined to be pure-hearted and to help in many situations,although sometimes she gets kicked out.

She finds the answer to any problem and is one of Kristijan's trusted companions.A very loyal girl who is known to stick to her duties.Kate is a very well trusted person and always keeps her word.Kate hates violence and is easily angered when someone is bullying her.She is compassionate like Kristijan and wants to stop Dark Kristijan from his bad antics.

She knows that she and her friends are filled with hope and pride.Through life she knows that there is so much that they don't understand.However,they figure it out sooner or later.She is capable to fix situations when they aren't right.Often it is understood that she always helps.Everyone appreciates her help.Especially Kristijan.At the end,her personality is true pure.


  • Liam X
  • Kristijan
  • Her friends.
  • Pocketville
  • Magic
  • Helping others.


  • Dark Kristijan
  • Santi X
  • Getting bullied.
  • Anyone without good manners.


She is capable of travelling to Pocketville with the Friendship Heart by saying her greatest wish.


She is in love with Kristijan Matijević and Liam X.But,she is targeted by Dark Kristijan,who steals her to show his affection,and Santi X,who shows his affection by being disgusting and rude to her.

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