Judy Cop render

Judy wearing a police uniform, one of her hobbies

Judy Hopps is a 14-year old european rabbit who lives in Bay City. She was born in a place called Bunnyburrow. She recently moved to Bay City in early 2016. Her boyfriend is Kristijan Matijević, and her best friend is Panda. She loves listening to music on her phone, exploring Bay City etc.


Judy is energetic, self-righteous, friendly and intelligent. She cares and forgives any mistake Kristijan or Panda would make, and if needed, she will stick up for them. She likes spending time with them and will always try to make the most of it.

She is also ambitious and enthusiastic. Judy has the least strength out of the three, but she is a fast runner because she's a rabbit. Even so, Kristijan usually outmatches her. She can always come up with a working plan on the spot and sometimes, like Kristijan, leaps before she thinks.


Judy loves listening to music on her phone, and will frequently show it via headbanging. She loves sunsets on any imaginable environment. Sea, continent, desert, islands... You name it, she loves it. She also dreams of becoming a police officer. She has a complete police uniform suited for her size, although it is not known how she got it.

Judy loves action and romance movies. Basketball and athletics are among her favorite sports. She believes that "anyone can be anything". She'll always call that card when she needs to. She also loves fashion and tropical environments particularly.


Judy is in a romantic relationship with Kristijan Matijević.

Kristijan and Panda were the first to move to Bay City. A week later, Judy moves to the city, which Kristijan and Panda find out when they see Judy and her family while they were strolling down East Road.

They meet a day later at the building where Kristijan and Panda live. Kristijan gains a crush on her, and at times is capable of expressing his feelings for her. There were a few occasions where he found it difficult to keep it together.

About two weeks later, Judy finally returns his feelings and they become girlfriend and boyfriend.

She and some of her animal friends acted in the new movie Zootopia. Numerous advertising promoting her are located throughout Urbania.