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The Intrepid Station was a Starfleet prototype for a space station design based off the Intrepid-class explorer. It was constructed near Alpha Centauri and the Sol system  in 2382. The station is about 9000 m in length. The comparison of its size compared to an Intrepid-class is on the lower right.

The station was armed with 68 phaser arrays which fire type XII phasers, and 98 photon torpedo launchers which fire Intrepid-class issue mark VI photon torpedoes. It was protected with deflector shielding.

Its starship bay, similar to the Intrepid-class shuttlebay, could hold up to 4-5 vessels at a time. It also has 3 docking ports on its "saucer section". It has 42 escape pods, capable of holding 100-150 people.

The Intrepid Station is the first ever known starbase to be mobile, but due to its large mass, it is extremely slow.


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The size of the Intrepid Station compared to an Intrepid class

The Intrepid Station was put into operation in 2382, with parts of it being constructed at Earth Station McKinley, Deep Space 9, Earth Spacedock and Starbase 375. Several important vessels have docked here before heading off to fight the Borg or to leave for the Delta Quadrant, including USS Voyager, USS Defiant and USS Enterprise-E.

In 2383, the Intrepid Station took heavy damage while engaging 15 Borg cubes, and was nearly boarded when it was rescued by the USS Voyager, which was leading a taskforce of 2 Intrepid-class, 2 Defiant-class and 4 Akira-class starships.

In alternate 2383, a massive Borg armada engaged the Intrepid Station and a fleet of 256 starships. The station was so critically damaged that it was abandoned before the Borg ripped it apart with their torpedoes. The resulting explosion destroyed the Defiant and the Enterprise-E. Voyager, and a few more vessels barely made it before reinforcing Earth and destroying the armada.

In late 2383-early 2384, the Tal Shiar attempted to overtake the station. The warbirds were destroyed after inflicting moderate damage to the station.

In mid-2384, a temporal shockwave dispersed throughout Federation space, making an alternate timeline where the Federation was split into multiple rogue factions. The Intrepid Station was a part of the core of the Federation which was still peaceful. The station was attacked by Voyager before the USS Bellerophon and the USS Galaxy came to help destroy the ship. The two starships later helped the station return everything back to normal.

In an alternate 2386, Voyager was destroyed five years earlier while battling the Borg. The Federation was devestated and conquered by the Dominion, while the Borg assimilated the station. 16 remaining Starfleet vessels, 12 Klingon warships and 9 Romulan warbirds, along with the prime Voyager, destroyed the station and drove the Dominion away from most of Federation space.

The station was mentioned to be still active as of 2389.

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