2. Helpless
Helpless is an Another Fanfic novel set during the events of the second series (Another Fanfic: The Transfer). It was planned in late 2016 by Matijevic2kiki. It immediately follows the first novel, The Dark Side. The novel centers around the Freedom Fighters encountering an unusual anomaly. The anomaly then strikes the USS Voyager, knocking its power offline. The Fighters now strife to regain power and get away as quickly as possible before the anomaly could do much worse.


The Freedom Fighters are investigating an unusal anomaly during their break of conflict with the Terror Force and the Dominion. The anomaly strikes the USS Voyager and drains its power. The Freedom Fighters must find a way to get to engineering and regain power before the anomaly might do something far worse, possibly even destroy the ship!



Kristijan Matijević Panda • Kate • Magic • Liam X • Ezzy X • Shirley The Loon • Roxann the Panda

Referenced only

Dark Kristijan • Nicole the Holo-Lynx


USS Voyager


Kristijan's Freedom Fighters

Referenced only

Terror Force • The Dominion

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