Haski Starfleet emblem
The Haski Starfleet was an organization developed by huskys from planet Earth. It is a major power in the Alpha Quadrant. The huskys colonized their new home planet, Haskinar, after the pandas have colonized their original choice, Pandius. It's territory is slightly smaller than that of the Pandius Federation, spanning 1050 light years in all directions. Thousands of worlds are a part of its territory. Its territory is connected with the territory of the Pandius Federation.

The flaship of the fleet is the HSV Haskinar, commanded by captain Haski. The Haski Starfleet uses doggy treats and arctic crystals as its currency.

Today, the Haski Starfleet and the Pandius Federation are involved in the Pandius-Haski War.

Major locations

  • Haskinar (homeworld and capital world)
  • The Mutara expanse
  • Polaris
  • Arcticum
  • The Deadman's zone
  • Canis (the star of the system Haskinar is located in)
  • Northern Haskinar
  • Treat zone


The Haski Starfleet has a deep-space exploratory and defensive service. In the first years, the fleet was composed of scout vessels and lightly armed fighters.

The vessels were pushed out of service by the new Haski-class battleship which, in the beginning, was more advanced and powerful than the Panda-class battleship of the Pandius Federation, but this soon changed after the defeat at the First Battle of Pandius. Today, they still prove to be a formidable enemy.

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