Hamton J.Pig is a good-natured, gullible and naïvely optimistic pig. He is like a good little scout who tries to obey all the rules. Hamton is a highly intelligent pig with a huge appetite. He's a worrier who's scared of the world. Shy to a fault, he has low self-esteem. Every situation that requires a decision fills Hamton with dread. He's riddled with doubt and waffles forever over even the smallest choices.


Hamton loves to eat. He is usually found in the cafeteria, pigging out, with an enormous tray of food in front of him. He is a neatness freak; his favorite pastime is dusting. Hamton enjoys school, homework, the library, fitting in and making a good impression. Turn-offs include sloppiness and people who believe the old stereotype of pigs as slovenly mudwallowers.


  • Eating
  • Being clean
  • Fifi
  • His friends


  • Anything being dirty
  • Reščić
  • Santi X


Hamton is shown to have a romantic interest in Fifi La Fume. It is also shown that Hamton is more than willing to ignore her stink for her attention, which he often succeeds in doing.

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