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Elizabeth Brisby was a farm mouse that lived in a human-like rat colony on the planet Ratnia. She had a family of four children (Timothy, Martin, Teresa and Cynthia) and a deceased husband (Jonathan). She, along with the rat colony, were encountered by the USS Voyager in 2389. She made good friends with the Voyager senior staff, even though most of the rat colony were resentful of humans due to the experiments run on them by NIMH in the 21st century.

She developed a close bond with Admiral Kristijan Matijević, the commanding officer of the USS Voyager, and he even considered starting a relationship with her, but abandoned the idea.


Despite her sweetness and beauty, Elizabeth was shy and timid through the beginning. She used to get scared real easy, especially by heights. After revealing her backstory to Admiral Matijević, he learned that she gained more courage after setting out to move her home and curing her ill son Timothy. When Voyager lands on the planet, out of all the rats rallied together, Elizabeth was the bravest to embrace the crew, while the others were scared and angry.

Elizabeth became more passionate after spending sometime with the admiral, and she was always being comforted by the admiral when she thought of her deceased husband. Just before the admiral was about to ask her if she would want to start the relationship with him, Commander Panda told him it was time to go.

As Voyager left, Elizabeth kept staring at the ship until it disappeared from view and kept wondering what Admiral Matijević was going to ask her.


She was previously married to Jonathan Brisby and they had four children before he was killed in an unknown accident.

She briefly had a crush on Justin, Captain of the Guard but it passed shortly before Voyager arrived on the planet.

She might have developed a crush on Admiral Kristijan Matijević, and the feelings were mutual. As the admiral was about to ask her about starting a relationship, he had to leave with Voyager. He promised her he would return one day.

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