Coastline Town
Coastline Town (population 500,000) is the third largest settlement and only town of Urbania. The town is near the most northern parts of Urbania's coast which for some reason have Mediterranean climate and vegetation. It's not known why this is so. The mayor of the town is not known.

The town has two parts: the Old (southern) and the Modern (northern).


Coastline Town was founded in the 18th century. It's not known what the name of the town was at the time, but its population was around 450.

The town changes its name to Coastline Town in 1963. The population was 6,500. People there were American, but due to the climate and vegetation around them, they adopted the Mediterranean style of living. The houses are reconstructed to look like Mediterranean houses and they're all packed tightly because of the series of roads running through.

In 1992, the sea level rises on the coast in front of the town and a large chunk stays seperated from the coast. Two bridges are constructed and a network of roads is constructed on the new part of town. After the roads were finished, 55% of the natural vegetation was replaced by houses, three markets etc. By 2005, the population reaches 380,500.

In 2006, advertising promoting the TrackMania games is installed throughout the road network. In 2012, some advertising is replaced by Puppy in my Pocket advertising, and in 2015, some more is replaced by Judy Hopps (Zootopia) advertising. By 2016, the population reaches 500,000.


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