Bunnie rabbot by elesis knight-d525j8l
The appearance of Bunnie's alternate counterpart is the same in both alternate timelines.

Bunnie D'Coolette/Depardieu is the alternate counterpart of Bunnie D'Coolette. She appears in both alternate timelines. She has the appearance of her Pre-Super Genesis Wave self from the Archie Sonic the Hedgehog comics. In both alternate timelines, Kristijan fails to win her heart. In the Heartbreak timeline, she marries Antoine Depardieu, and in the Sovereign timeline, she builds the USS Davis to combat the USS Voyager, to push Kristijan away from her.

The "Heartbreak timeline"

She was won over by Antoine, leaving Kristijan angry, miserable, lonely and humiliated. He would move out of school a week later. Weeks later, Antoine would find another girl and she tried to convince Kristijan that she's alone. She later rekindles her relationship with Antoine.

21 years later, Bunnie marries Antoine and becomes Bunnie Depardieu. Kristijan would go through a nervous breakdown and try to forget about Bunnie.

The "Sovereign timeline"

In this timeline, Kristijan also followed Bunnie. She continued chasing him until she eventually learned of his ship, the Intrepid-class starship USS Voyager. One night, she boarded Voyager and downloaded the schematics for the Sovereign-class starship, a class Kristijan despised. Weeks later, Bunnie would take her new vessel, the USS Davis, to engage Voyager. In the resulting battle, Panda was knocked unconscious and Kristijan was heavily injured. Voyager sustained heavy damage. He barely managed to return the favor, sending the Davis away nearly damaged beyond repair.

Bunnie would continue to hate Kristijan, and he would continue mooning unsuccessfully over her.

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