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BubbleGuppies749 (or Rebecca) was the second arch enemy of Kristijan Matijević and Panda. She categorized their articles on the Puppy in my Pocket Fanon Wiki as irrelevant are deleted them. Kristijan and Panda fought back and mamaged to restore them. This went on back and forth until she built her own ship to engage Voyager. Once she was unable to stop them here, she opened a temporal rift to the KMMA/PS timeline.

The following text in italic describes BubbleGuppies749 in the KMMA/PS timeline.

She teamed up with Rezić and convinced Pocketville that Kristijan and Panda were villains. She was later killed when her ship was destroyed by Voyager and she was brought back to her timeline.


Based off a Wikia User. No offence and/or negative portrayal intended, this is smiply a fanon version of her.

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