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The Brisby-class starship was a Federation design that entered service in 2383. The Brisby-class was a light cruiser, slightly smaller than the Intrepid-class, about 330 m in length. It had a standard crew complement of 127, and a maximum of 155.

The class is capable of going up to the maximum speed of warp 9.982, like the Defiant-class escort. It was equipped with bio-neural circutiry and a mark II EMH. It looks similar to the larger Sovereign-class and is equipped with three phaser arrays, which all fire type XII phasers.

It had four torpedo launchers (two fore, two aft). The fore launchers fired quantum torpedoes and the aft launchers fired class-6 photon torpedoes. The class is highly maneuverable, somewhere around as an Akira or Defiant.

The Brisby-class was named after the Brisby family, encountered on the planet Ratnia. There are six ships of the class, each named after a member of the family. The Brisby-class differs from others as it was not named after its prototype, the USS Elizabeth.

Ships commissioned


  • USS Elizabeth (NX-80483)
  • USS Jonathan (NCC-80484)
  • USS Timothy (NCC-80485)
  • USS Martin (NCC-80486)
  • USS Cynthia (NCC-80487)
  • USS Teresa (NCC-80488)

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