4. Bellerophon
Bellerophon is an Another Fanfic novel set during the events of the second series (Another Fanfic: The Transfer). It was planned in early 2017 by Matijevic2kiki. The novel follows Voyagers of the Dark, and is the first to be published after a brief hiatus.

The novel centers around the Freedom Fighters from an alternate timeline, which are fighting the Dominion warship. After defeating it, a rift suddenly opens pulling their vessel to the prime timeline. However, when our heroes find their vessel, they discover that their flagship is a radically different Intrepid-class vessel: the USS Bellerophon.


Another break of conflict has occurred and our heroes are running scans just to make sure the Terror Force and the Dominion aren't up to something. After a rift opens up in front of them, they scan it to find it leads to an alternate timeline. However, the Fighters decide to wait. Meanwhile, on the other side, an Intrepid-class vessel is fighting the Dominion warship. Sustaining moderate damage, they eventually do fight off the vessel. After the rift pulls them to our heroes' timeline, the Fighters become shocked when they find that the ship is a down-to-earth Intrepid-class vessel; no cloak, no hull armor, nothing. After scanning it, they find it is not Voyager, but instead, it is the USS Bellerophon.


Legacy 2017-02-12 16-37-58-268

The scene from the AFTT episode "Bellerophon" featuring Voyager and Bellerophon, which was used for the cover


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Sally Acorn • Nicole the Holo-Lynx • Atomic Betty • Penny Fitzgerald


USS VoyagerUSS Bellerophon • Dominion warship

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USS Voyager (mirror) • USS Voyager (replica)


Kristijan's Freedom Fighters • Terror Force • The Dominion

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