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The Battle of Zagreb was a conflict that took place in 2016 of an alternate timeline. The battle was caused by an alternate Kristijan Matijević after following a more hostile alternate counterpart of Bunnie D'Coolette. During the conflict, the USS Voyager and USS Davis sustained extreme damage, with Voyager barely winning the battle in the end.

Battle of Zagreb
Date: 2016 (alternate timeline)
Location: Zagreb
Result: USS Voyager prevails, USS Davis nearly damaged beyond repair
Belligerents: USS Voyager/USS Davis
Notable commanders: Kristijan Matijević/Bunnie D'Coolette
Strength: 1 Intrepid-class starship/1 Sovereign-class starship
Casualties and losses: Voyager severely damaged/Davis nearly damaged beyond repair


In one of the two alternate timelines, the alternate Kristijan followed the path of his prime self and followed the alternate Bunnie around. Unlike the prime Bunnie, her counterpart was more hostile. After being discovered, he avoided Bunnie as much as possible.

One night, Bunnie infiltrated the USS Voyager and downloaded the schematics for the Sovereign-class. Weeks later, the ship was finished and christened as the USS Davis.

The battle

Three days after the USS Davis was completed, Bunnie took the ship and looked for Voyager, which was on the outskirts of town. The Davis engaged Voyager, with the ship taking significant damage. It didn't take long for Kristijan and Panda to realize the mysterious attacker was Bunnie herself, still angry at Kristijan for following her. By the time the duo started responding, Bunnie was close to disabling Voyager's shields.

Voyager fired all forward weapons to even out the odds, resulting in the Davis's shields nearly collapsing. Bunnie responded by firing a full spread of quantum torpedoes, causing hull breaches on decks 4 and 5. The Davis fired a few phaser strikes along deck 5 and nearly destroyed Panda's quarters. Panda fired a full spread of photon torpedoes, collapsing the Davis's shields, taking out one of its thrusters, and breaching its port nacelle.

With one nacelle leaking plasma, Bunnie kept firing quantum torpedoes, causing numerous breaches along Voyager's hull. The first phaser strike to follow the volley of torpedoes knocked out a bio-neural gel pack grid, knocking shields, long-range sensors, turbolifts and torpedoes offline. At this point, Voyager's bridge and most of its corridors had bulkheads falling everywhere, consoles and conduits exploding, and the ship's hull looked like a moon covered with craters.

Voyager retaliated, destroying the forward-most part of the Davis's saucer section, disabling its forward torpedo launchers and knocking out its warp drive. Moments later, most of Voyager's power relays were destroyed, knocking out power and life support on decks 2-4 and decks 12-15.

Numerous phaser strikes later, both vessels have taken intense damage. With the forward torpedo launcher doors opening, six photon torpedoes left Voyager's launchers, deployed like mines. They struck the Davis's hull, destroying its weapons array and numerous other systems.

Finally the Davis, nearly damaged beyond repair, retreated.


Bunnie still continues to be angry at Kristijan, who keeps avoiding her to this day.

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