Admiral kristijan matijević
Kristijan Matijević was a 24th century Starfleet Human admiral, most noted for his service as the commanding officer of the Intrepid-class starship USS Voyager since 2380. He was one of Starfleet's best experts on the Borg up to date. Before Voyager, the admiral rose through the ranks in the command background, starting as a lieutenant and chief tactical officer of the USS Pheonix, and later as the commander and first officer of the USS Galaxy.

In 2389, after the Borg were finally defeated, Admiral Matijević is replaced by newly-promoted Captain Panda, who was his first officer on the ship, as the commanding officer of Voyager, while he becomes the commanding officer of Deep Space 9.


Like any Starfleet officer, the admiral was brave and admitted to the ideals of peace. He was particularly a bad choice to go up against, as the Borg and the Tal Shiar have threatened him with assimilation or death numerous times, always with bad results.

He was an extremely good tactician, knew his way around engineering, and had a slight background in science. He also had tremendous command experience.

He was assimilated once by the Borg, but was quickly liberated by the Voyager crew. He was also caring for his crew, for defending the Federation, and any new friends he encounters among various species.

It was revealed in 2380 that he was 42 years old, and by 2389 he was 51 years old.


The admiral didn't particularly have a love interest, since he didn't have time to do that in all these years.

However, there was one love interest he had gained during 2380, when Voyager landed on the seemingly uninhabited planet Ratnia. He quickly gained a crush on Elizabeth Brisby, and the feeling seemed mutual.

Elizabeth became more passionate after spending sometime with the admiral, and she was always being comforted by the admiral when she thought of her deceased husband, Jonathan Brisby. Just before the admiral was about to ask her if she would want to start the relationship with him, Commander Panda told him it was time to go.

As Voyager left, Elizabeth kept staring at the ship until it disappeared from view and kept wondering what Admiral Matijević was going to ask her. He promised her he would return one day

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